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Zakarry Champalala Customer

very cool I recommend it

Jus Kal · Customer

This dude is a Vegician. that's right a Vegetative Magician. He makes Magick out of plants. and I plan to try his methods soon.

Justin Franco Customer

A real genuine person that wants everyone to succeed at scrogging! I plan on using his methods I feel like he maximize his plants & in the end gets really good yields. He always try’s to get back to everyone when they ask him questions be patient he is one person trying to help entire group.

Bryan Barkley Customer

If you are looking to maximize your growing space and your lights you couldn’t find anyone better! The Northernscrogger is an amazing teacher with patience and truly cares about what he’s doing. From seed to harvest and everything in between he can help you

Bams Closet Customer

great personality, great tips

    A great place for new growers to learn and communicate with experienced vets. Free scrog tutorials, amazing! Good chemistry in this group, no rude or disrespectful comments allowed. Also a good place to purchase high quality equipment at reasonable prices! Northern Scrogger is an all around good guy , starting his business off the right way! Love all the raffles and giveaways too, always looking out for the little guy. all the way! highly recommended. keep doing what you're doing my friend, great job!!

    Ty Heard Customer

    Northern scrogger is the best. He tries to help everyone in this group as much as possible. Weather it’s through videos or live stream or personally answering question members have. Even after becoming a rising star he still stays humble and helpful to the group. I’ve learned more in 3 months of being a scrogger member, than I have in the last 3 years. The coolest part is all he asks for in return is for members to show the same respect and helpfulness to other members that he has shown.

    Terry Heeley Customer

    This is a great group for growers of all abilities, especially if you are interested in growing multiple large colas from a single plant! Everyone in the group is willing to share their knowledge of growing our medicines and as a newer grower I have learned a ton of stuff already. Unfortunately I was too far along in my current grow to try it this round but I have already built my net and will be giving scrogging a try in my next grow! “Keep on Scroggin”

    Harry Black Customer

    i placed a order through his website. thought the postal service was super backed up, some how it still got here timely. there was great communication prior to and after the sale. merch is quility stuff and plan on buying more. he also threw in a gift when the shipping expenses were high. he didn't have to. I saw what the shipping was before I paid but that's still a stand up thing to do.

    CJ Johnson Customer

    Highly recommended for expert advice from a very friendly community, determined to help one another learn and achieve new growing successes. I've learned so much already in the past month I've been here, and I continue to learn with each post I view. 5 stars

    Dylan Jamie McCreight Customer
      George Singler Customer

      Great tips on scrogging and easy to understand and talk with.

      El Ephant Customer

      Grow like pro .

      Christina Coneybeare Customer

      super educated on the topic, great in interviews and is creating a safe and comfortable place for people to come and learn how to SCROG! Loving this group and the Northern Scrogger website ( for tips and suggestions to SCROG like a pro! keep up the great work NS!

      Alex Steinkamp Customer

      one stop shop to having a friendly conversation to getting the knowledge one is looking for. Northern scrogger is truly amazing

      Brendon Parks Customer

      Expert knowledge, Positive attitude, a true artist at his craft!!

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