Northern Scrogger

The Reason Why…

A lot of people ask me… “Hey, NorthernScrogger. What the heck is scrogging anyway?” And also “What do you love so much about it that you would spend hours in your grow room training and caring for your plants???”

First off, scrogging is a style of growing cannabis. Just as any other type of farmer would train certain types of plants for growth, so do I. Except my technique involves the use of a screen, called a “scrog screen” to train the plants horizontally below the screen in a tucking fashion (note: not weaving).

I by NO MEANS invented this style of growing. I did, however, see a lot of people showcasing their scrog grows on Facebook groups. These were entirely different from techniques that I learned on scrogging (and what I would refer to as trellis nets), so I wanted to show people my plants and teach them about methods that worked for me.

And for the second question, what do you love so much about scrogging that you would spend hours training your plants?

Now I could tell you about yield at harvest or all my big colas but the truth is, I love working with the cannabis plant. It feels great to see my plants healthy and happy. But plants are plants, when I encounter deficiencies and other issues, I enjoy problem-solving and learning new things.