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    I never keep my plants in veg past 2 months, sometimes less than 2 months

    Scrogging is a type of growing technique. Scrogging can be applied to all sorts of vegetables, trees, and even cannabis. Scrogging is a technique used to maximize your grow space. This is achieved by growing you plants horizontal along the bottom of a screen. Once your plant has reached maturity it will begin to flower, all the flowers on your plant will now be evenly distributed among your grow light, maximizing your grow lights footprint. applying this technique will help create only flowers on the top of the screen.

    I like to keep my screen 4-8 inches above the top of the pot for my feminized seeds, for Auto flower plants I keep my screen 2.5-4 inches above the top of my pot. The Auto's you want to get training in the screen asap

    I like to keep my screen hole sizes between 2.5-4 inches,

    I scrog everything and so can you

    Yes!!! Scrogging outdoors is amazing!!! you can NOT buy a light that is better than the sun!! More work come with outdoor scrogs , your plants will grow quicker and stronger. every other day you should be at your outdoor garden tucking. You will have to defoliate (remove leaves) more often! Its worth it 100%

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