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4x8 WHITE Interior Grow Tent

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White Interior Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

NorthernScrogger grow tents feature extra-thick 600D canvas with metal poles and corner adapter which make it very sturdy! These tents have a White interior. White models reflect far more PAR than any Silver Mylar material and at the same time reduce troublesome hot spots (concentrated heat energy).

Not only does our white tent reflect more PAR light directly to your plants, it reflects less of the overall unused spectrum. With light energy comes heat energy and the WHITE LINING will always run cooler than a standard Mylar silver tent (around 6-8°C cooler.) Silver Mylar tents require greater ventilation, or the use of less powerful lighting, so the environment does not overheat and damage your plants. Our NorthernScrogger tents offer plenty of ventilation that can be closed off by using the cables, ducting or yours fans. The white metal poles lock in place with no hardware needed.

  • Good Ventilation - Multiple round vents for varied size ducts or fan terminations, four circular double-sleeved vent holes with adjustable nylon strap, allows for better heat and air flow yet no light leaking
  • Easy-View Window: Allows you to easily monitor the daily growth of your plants.
  • Removable Floor Tray: Makes cleaning easy
  • Tool-free Connectors: Stable construction in just a few minutes (Note: Please hang up the items evenly on the No.5 Metal Pole, Not NO.4)
  • Keeps All Light In: White interior grow tent
  • Extra-Thick Canvas: Top-quality 600D canvas
  • Sturdy Metal Frame: Withstand a weight of 88Ibs by No.5 Metal Pole
  • Warranty: 180 days


8FT: 96”X48”X80"

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