Scrog Tip #9 – Tieing Down

Loving the support… 💯👍

Tieing branches to the bottom of the screen…..

Ok so… Once you are deep in veg, you will see certain branches that are not completely floating along the bottom of the screen. They will come off some branch on a weird angle, almost like a 45° angle.. You will notice that they have nodes or budsites, but they are just hovering 1 or 2 inches (sometimes more) below the top of the screen. That’s not optimal in my mind….

So I get some ties that I use for training and gently lift up on the branch. The branches are still very flexible in this stage… I get the branch where I want it… In direct light!!! 😎 (For an example of the tools that I use, see the image of the gnome above)

Then I just gently wrap the tie around the branch and the screen, I don’t tie it too tight, and I remember where they are… Pulling out the twine at harvest can suck when you forget about these ties. Securing the branch will now bring those bud sites up from the shadows into the light so they can start thriving

Thanks boys and girls!!! #NorthernScrogger