Scrog Tip #8 – Defoliating

Defoliating (a.k.a. cutting leaves off) ✂️✂️✂️

This is gonna be a touchy subject. Some people really agree or disagree with pruning/defoliating. I’m not a fan, but from MY experience, I have to…. When I scrog, I like to tuck my leaves under the screen. I try to keep only nodes/budsites exposed to the light..

I defoliate 1 week before flower and 20 days after. The first time I defoliate, I strip EVERYTHING below the screen. I make the sticks bare… I may remove the odd leaf here or there when they are covering certain nodes/bud sites. Then, I let the plant heal for a week to get healthy and build her strength back up.

WARNING: Sometimes your plants will look sick after you defoliate them. This doesn’t always happen, but it is something I have experienced. Don’t worry, they will be healthy again in a couple of days.

After a week, she’s good to flip into the flowering stage. After 20 day of flower, I strip everything below the screen again.

When I defoliate for the second time, I do a really thorough stripping of the plant in the area under the canopy. Small buds, leaves, I try to make the undergrowth as clean as possible. Anything under the screen is just sucking away from the canopy.

After tucking leaves for a month, it starts to get really messy and jammed up!! Then budsites start to become blocked and all cramped up. This stops the airflow.

Once airflow stops, moisture appears. Once moisture appears, W.P.M. (white powdery mildew) can appear and your humidity will spike.. Airflow under and above the screen is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! 🌬️🌬️ 🌬️

But remember… If you can tuck a leaf without cutting it, that’s the best thing to do!!!

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