Scrog Tip #7 – Horizontal Growth

Horizontal growth = lots of tops. I am talking about your plants, and the process of training your plants horizontally along the bottom of the scrog net (also known as horizontal growth)!!!

You see, it all starts when your plans are in the veg process. If your plants are healthy and happy, you will be able to see little nodes appear. The purpose of tucking the leaves/branches and encouraging it to grow horizontally below the screen, each node will be exposed to more sunlight ⬆️ Whereas without horizontal growth, nodes are hidden within the canopy and are not exposed to enough sunlight to turn into healthy colas.

Remember… Sunlight is food, and you need to ensure your plant is getting as much of it as possible ☀️☀️☀️…. And that’s why horizontal growth is so important!!!

Don’t limit your plants capabilities! Encourage horizontal growth!