Scrog Tip #6 – Weaving

The title of this Scrog Tip is a big misleading, because weaving is what you should try NOT to do. Weaving is the process of bending the branch over-and-under the twine. I have learned that this is will not give you the best results when scrogging. There are certain exceptions to this rule, which I will explain below. But overall, try not to weave your branches!!!

Like I said above, there are some exceptions to the “No Weaving” rule. There are two circumstances when I am forced to use an over-and-under method to train my branches.

#1… To prevent horizontal branch growth too far under the screen…

What I have learned is that the plants are very intelligent, and will always try and find a direct route to the light source. Sometimes, a branch will begin to grow horizontally when it has not yet reached the screen. Where there is lots of growth in it’s way, the branch will do this in order to reach light. If you catch it early enough, you can pull it up through the twine and then weave it once, and then back under to begin growing horizontally. After this, you continue the normal process of tucking beneath the screen.

#2… When the canopy is too full for you to find a good place for tucking…

Sometimes it will be hard to keep on top of 30 branches/tops, and you might miss one or two! If you miss it for a few days, it will be hard to tuck it without damaging the stem or nodes/but sites. So in this situation what I would do is simply find a nice place to do my one weave (over-under technique). But I will always keep an eye on the area where I did the weave because now there is a node in that area, and that node will turn into a branch. And you want that branch to be tucked back under the screen as soon as possible to continue horizontal growth.

For more information, click here for pictures.

I hope this tip helps to explain the scrogging methods that have worked for me in the past. Happy scrogging! #northernscrogger