Scrog Tip #5 – Tucking

Thanks everyone for the feedback!!! It has been very encouraging to hear about how these tips are helping you. If you have any suggestions or if there are any subjects you’d like me to cover in a blog post- or in a video (coming soon to my Youtube page),- leave a comment below.

First off, I just want to explain what I mean when I say “Tucking.” Tucking is the process of bending the branch back under the screen. You should be bending the branch from the same hole as it is growing out of. This can be done once the branch is long enough to reach the end of the adjacent hole. You are not going over-and-under in the Tucking process, your are simply training the plant to grow horizontally below the screen.

As mentioned, the reason why I like my holes in the screen only 2.5 -3″ is for tucking purposes.

So when should you start tucking? I like to tuck my branches as soon as possible!!! The sooner I’m able to tuck, the sooner the lower nodes in the undergrowth are on the same level as the top node. During veg, those nodes become branches, and those braches become more branches… During the tuck-in time is a good time to tuck some big leaves that are hovering over your canopy👍👍.

I’m explaining to you in all my posts the actual traditional way of scrogging.. Scrogging is becoming a lost art. Its because most people miss this important next step!!

I only tuck until my screen is 50-60% full. Once I have reached that point, it is now is the time to flip to 12/12… The plants will go on a crazy stretch phase for 2-5 weeks (maybe more depending on genetics/strain). KEEP TUCKING DURING THE STRETCH!!! That’s what makes a scrogg. Once the stretch is done, you will enjoy watching colas raise up above the screen. All together, all happy, all on the same level, all thinking they are the top bud !!

See the first photo in my gallery (above) for when to tuck. I will tuck the leaf in the red circle under the screen to expose the baby bud site to the light 🌱🌱 #northernscrogger