Scrog Tip #4 – Frame Height


In my last scrog tip, I talked about overall scrog frame construction. But there’s one point that I think requires a bit of clarification, because I see it ALL THE TIME in photos!!!

Keep your net low!!! I keep mine at 18” high. This is extremely important because eventually you will have to cut (defolate) everything below the screen. After all, why grow 2 feet of sticks??? If you can’t get on the floor and bend down for physical reasons, you can easily build a platform as a base and customize your scrog frame.

The first picture is a before-and-after defoliation, the other (in my humble opinion) is a waste of space… Now only will this result in at least 2ft of just sticks, keeping your screen high off the floor will also add to a longer veg time.

I hope you’ve found this explanation helpful. Please tag me on Insta with pics of your scrog using the hashtag #northernscrogger