Scrog Tip #12 – Keeping the Screen Level

I’ve had a lot of people writing me telling me scrogging is not for beginners. That is 💯 NOT true!!! My first ever crop was a scrog. I learned how to grow using a frame, that’s the only way I have ever grown cannabis.

When I scrog I like to go BIG and this tip is very important if you have a big screen. I’m lucky to have the space to have a 5×5. If you are growing in a smaller tent or something else, you can still scrog! You can scrog 1 plant in your small tent and get a better yield than having two plants and not scrogging.

Since my screen is so big, the centre is kinda flexible… When I first got into the big screen I noticed halfway through flower the centre was way higher than the edges 🤷‍♂️. It looked stupid and my canopy was extremely uneven.

The plants are so big and strong they will push up on the screen, making your canopy uneven in certain spots! You gotta remember, you could have 5ft plants tucked under a screen that is 18 inches high. There will be LOTS of force pushing up on the screen towards the light!!! They just want the light, and they will go around any obstacle to get there.

So once again I learned from failing… I now know for next time I have to hold the screen down.

What I do is so simple.. I will wrap the main stock (branch) with the training ties I use. I will anchor it to a hole I put in my fabric pot. I do this as soon as the plant has some horizontal growth happening.. Every few days during veg I will tighten that tie down a little bit. Therefore taking some pressure off the centre of the screen and ultimately making the whole screen level again.

Eventually the main stock grows far away from the pot and you can’t use the pot as a anchor anymore. The screen will start lifting again, just get something heavy and place it on the floor, right under the spot where the big branch is lifting the screen. Tie a rope or something to a heavy object then reach up and fasten the other end to your screen. I use a couple of 12 pound weights (one for each plant!) 🏋️🏋️🏋️ Pull down and tie it off once you notice your screen is level… You might need a partner to help you do that step if you don’t have long arms like me!

I really hope that’s understandable, my pics will help tell the story. Thanks everyone!