Scrog Tip #11 – When 2 Plants Meet

If you are starting a scrog for the very first time, dont just jump in and go BIG! Start a small scrog because its a lot harder than it looks!!!

When you eventually work your way up to a big scrog, things can get overwhelming. For example, what should you do when two plants meet on your screen???

No matter how O.C.D. you are about tucking and defoliating, things are going to get messy, especially when two plants meet! There will be branches everywhere, leaves tucked all over, and tangles in branches.

What I do is… Pick the strongest plant of the two, which is normally the one that grew quicker towards the other. Now I strip 2 or 3 node sites off the one stem that is closest to the stronger plant- with the exception of the top node. That one I leave, because it will eventually turn into many other branches that I can continue to scrog. The red circle in the image above is showing the spot I stripped as a example.

The reason I do this is to keep her clean and have space for future tucks. If I dont do this now, I’m gonna be in trouble down the road… This allows the plants to meet up and there will be space for you to do some tucking and work, instead of feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of branches that you don’t know what to do with…

Scrogging isn’t easy but it’s fun and very rewarding!!#northernscrogger