Scrog Tip #10 – Tucking Trick

Who would have thought there were so many tips to scrogging??? 🤓 Its not just as easy as tucking a branch. But it does look that way, lol…

This next tip is something I have learned myself from failing… Failing causes me/anyone to learn. I tell ALL new growers that failing is success in the cannabis world. We learn from our mistakes!!!

If you look at my pics carefully when I tuck, you will see I do it in a certain way… I make sure the stem part of the leaf is resting on the twine. 🌱 This helps because the leaf will protect the early bud from rubbing on the twine after I tuck. It also helps bring the baby bud or node back up the screen, because the leaf will curl up towards the light (acting as a lever).

If I don’t rest the leaf part on the twine, then the bud will be making direct contact. The sensitive bud is now rubbing and sliding along the twine. Sometimes the bud will snag on the twine, because the bud is sticky and rough, unlike the smooth stem on the leaf, which glides along easily). This could grab and damage your bud and prevent it from growing into a healthy cola. In the first photo (shown above), you can see the pistols on an immature bud. These are very sensitive, so you want to protect them as much as possible.

Thanks boys and girls for accepting me and my tips. It feels so GOOD helping others!!!