Scrog Tip #2 – Scrog Frame

Do you want to make a scrog frame?

I use Schedule 40, 3/4 PVC Pipe. And then, I figure out the desired height, width and length. My current scrog frame dimensions are 5×5 and 18 inches tall. But you can customise yours according to our desired size. Small tents with a 1-plant scrog are amazing!!!

And then I use 4 x 3-way 3/4 Tee(s). I use 4 x 4-way 3/4 Tee(s). This is the first time I have put the 4-way Tee(s) on my scrog frame. I am scrogging my first sativa. During my research, I found out that sativas stretch a lot. However, I have no intention on having to use these Tee(s) because I continue tucking through the early flower stretch. The Tee(s) could benefit me in adding another layer to my scog if need be.

I also secure the frame to the floor. I do this using All Around. I do this because you can potentially have a 5-foot plant squished down to 18” pushing on the screen, and if it’s not secured it will just lift the screen off the floor.

My preference is 3” hole spacing in the screen. So I measure every three inches and drill a screw into the PVC Pipe on the top of my scrog frame.

When I string up the frame using the twine, I make sure that I go over and under, over and under each time I weave it. This makes it so that your squares stay squares. Otherwise, your string will be floppy and go all over the place.

This is also a good frame if you are growing autos because it’s a great way to spread open your branches. This will expose more nodes. Eventually leading to more bud sites and the end result is bigger yield.

TIP: I use rolling planters to improve air circulation under my 7-gallon fabric pot.

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