Scrog Tip #1 – Early Training


When I start training for the scrog…

I like to start my training as soon as possible. I like my scrogs short and I like a shorter veg time!!

Once my plants hit the 4th or 5th node, I top… Then I wait and let the plants heal. Once they are happy again, I’ll search for a branch that is bigger and stronger than the rest, and I will top that. That’s it… Each plant only topped twice!!! The reason why people always say, “I top my plants at the 4th or 5th node,” is because plants need to get strong and healthy before you go chopping their heads off… They need to establish a decent root system. That is what ultimately makes a plant. If you top too early, you risk the chance of killing your baby, or stunting it to the point of a slow recovery.

I will give them a few days before I start training… Ok, so now they are topped twice and I have ensured that they all healed up. Now I want to train… I want to make the top branch at the same level as the bottom branch of my plants as much as possible. I want to open up as many node sites as possible, this will create more branches for me to scrog.

I will provide a tip that I taught myself when training the plants. I like to use the soft rubber stuff on the actual plant itself. It’s soft and feels nice. Then I use the other type of plant tying stuff to reach the edges of the pot. I like to tie the plants off in two spots, top and bottom. I want to keep the bottom of the stem straight as I pull down the top. Also, sometimes if you are growing an Indica hybrid or whatever, they can have early big fan leaves. DON’T CUT THEM… Use them!!! Use them as an anchoring point. Use the soft stuff that feels nice to apply to a branch. The other end to a big fan leaf. The pic I have linked to on my Instagram will show you what I mean, because I will have a hard time explaining it, LOL! Zoom in on my pic, you will see what I mean. I have pics from the early days too. You will see that I never used to use the soft stuff on the branches. But I have learned the soft stuff is better and practice makes better, so keep practicing!!

I train my plants for 3 weeks before I put my screen on. My screen is 18 inches off the floor… In my head, I know I have to train my plants and keep them below 18 inches. If they get taller, I will have to force my net on and I don’t like that. I like training my plant into the screen, not training the screen into my plants!!!

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